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    ePO Installation fails with error 0x800a0e7a




      We're trying to install a fresh ePO 5.0 on a fresh Windows Server 2012 Enterprise without success.

      After having installed Windows Server 2012 Enterprise, we installed MS SQL Server 2012 with all features and default configuration. There is really nothing special.

      When trying to install ePO afterwards, we get the following error in the logs:



      20130507113451 Entered ValidateAccountAndSQL function.
      20130507113451 Calculating the DataSource for your SQL server.
      20130507113451 UDP port is not enabled so configuring DataSource to use port number instead.
      DataSource used: [MYMACHINE,1433]
      20130507113451 Setting connection string DataSource to [MYMACHINE,1433].
      20130507113451 Connection string set for SQL Authentication database connection.
      20130507113451 SQL::connect to server MYMACHINE
      20130507113451 Testing SQL Authentication to SQL Server.
      20130507113451 Failed to connect to SQL Server [MYMACHINE] with error code [0x800a0e7a]
      20130507113451 Description for error code is [Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.]
      20130507113451 Failed in connectToSQLServer with error code [0].
      20130507113451 Exiting function ValidateAccountAndSQL with return code: 2


      Especially the lien "Description for error code is [Provider cannot be found. It may not be properly installed.]" is interesting.

      We have searched the internet up and down, reinstalled everything exactely again, having installed all updates, installed sql native clients - nothing. Even registering dll's did not do the trick.


      What may be the problem?


      Thanks for any help!