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    I have downloaded a data back-up system which was free and I am now thinking I might have been led astray somehow?


      I cannot remember where this data back-up came from. It doesn't have a Microsoft logo or any other trusted logo but I have complied with the instructions to back=yp all my files in my computer and I feel that I might have given away all my private data. It is called MyPC Backup.Com and I think I have been taken in. I might be wrong but I have came here to check if I have and hope that somebody can advise me. I have copied the address bar -"https://secure.mypcbackup.com/backupcomplete#ic" and it will probably be a simple matter for somebody to advise me on the matter.


      I have tried to copy the page which I am shown after I have believed I was backing up my computer. Have I been fooled into giving the contents of my computer away?

      Must go now please e-mail me. Thank You.   R Longstaff.



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