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    When will the McAfee Update Launcher problem be fixed for MSN-McAfee version?

      There is a relatively new bug/problem with the Update Launcher in the version of McAfee anti-virus that came with my MSN subscription. Each time an automatic update is attempted, an error dialog is displayed, stating "McAfee Update Launcher has encountered a problem and needs to close...". The update appears to work just fine, however, it's extremely annoying to be constantly interrupted by the error dialog, which must be clicked in order to remove/hide it.


      After hours on the phone with both MSN and McAfee, I've come to learn that McAfee is aware of the problem, and supposedly, the problem will be fixed with the next McAfee update. However, the McAfee senior tech support person I worked with (a couple of days ago) could not give me any idea of when that new version will be available for download. I believe the bug is specific to the MSN version of McAfee, but I could be wrong.


      Does anyone have any idea when this problem will be fixed?


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          Peter M

          I'm afraid they don't tell us when fixes are coming through, esepcially for partner-provided software (i.e. MSN, Dell etc.) because McAfee don't control when MSN and ilk release these patches to their customers.   They just tell us that they are working on something but when it's fixed usually just happens.


          Technical Support is more likely to know.


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            Thanks much for the reply, Peter/Ex_Brit. Yes, in this case, even the senior technical support guy from McAfee, who I worked with last weekend, could not give me an ETA on when McAfee will have this fixed so that MSN can even begin making it available for download.


            The fact it's only happening to MSN subscribers (some? all?) makes me feel like a second class citizen in the McAfee customer base. It's probably no big deal to McAfee, but I'm on the verge of just getting rid of McAfee completely and just going with another anti-virus product. It doesn't really matter if it's "free" (via my MSN subscription) if it's annoying as...H...E...double hockey sticks.


            Thanks again for the reply, Peter. I'll wait to see if anyone from McAfee can reply here and give me some hope for a fix relatively soon.

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              Hi Goldram...


              Please do not feel like you are a secondary concern. This issue has been taken up with the utmost priority and being worked on. It will take some days to get a breakthrough in such cases as they have limited access to partner products. But in no way it will be dealt with low priority..


              Please be advised with the fact that McAfee is being updated regularly and successfully on your computer. The error message you get is because, something is stopping the McAfee Updater Service when it begins to update. So you get the error message. But in the background, the same service is set to restart automatically and update McAfee successfully. So it is only a minor glitch when the installed McAfee tries to access the McAfee Server for updates.


              I know it is very annoying with error prompts. In that case, you can install a 30 days free trial subscription of McAfee from McAfee website and use it until the issue is resolved with MSN products.


              Hope that works fine with you...

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                Kris, thanks much for giving me confidence that the issue is high on somebody's priority list over there.


                I am absolutely aware that the McAfee Update service is not "broken" and that the updates are stil occurring properly. I stated the same in my original post. This post was started because my user experience with the McAfee product is highly damaged due to the constant error dialog popping. To say it's "very annoying" is a bit of an understatement. Imagine yourself deep into analysis on a troubleshooting issue and getting constantly interrupted with an error dialog that requires a response from you. "Very annoying" doesn't really describe the frustration.


                No worries though, Kris. Based on what you are saying, it sounds like McAfee is on it and considers this issue a high priority. I'll trust that a solution is on the way soon. And thanks for the idea to install a 30-day trial version - that seems like a good temporary work-around.


                I'll leave this post "unanswered" until I get the word from McAfee that the issue has been fixed and a new version is available on MSN.


                Thanks again, Kris.