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    mcafee bloks a site


      hi, I'm new here!

      I've got a little problem. so I use this Slovenian site (http://www.partis.si/prva) that provides me with many torrents. and I use it quite often too.

      problem is that I have to turn off my firewall in McAfee antivirus plus to be able to download. otherwise my

      utorrent only says "finding peers" and it never finds them.

      my question is, how can I set my firewall so that the download will start without having to turn the wall off???

      I've tried all I know in the firewall settings menu. all the programs in the "Internet connections for programs" menu are set to

      Ful access and Net guard on. and I did not manage to find a solution in the "My network connections" too.

      thanks a bunch!

      take care