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    Mc afee total protection shuts down my internet


      Since I installed Mc afee total protection, my internet connexion is shut down for 2 minutes every 15 minutes on the whole local network. It mostly affects my internet navigators (firefox, IE and chrome) . It doesn't affect some other programs. The local network is fine and there is no connection problem when the computer on which mc afee total protection is installed is shut down. There is no message from mc afee, the connection is just down for a few minutes. So some part of the total protection is not working. I didn't touch the settings. Which one is it, can I shut it down without unsitalling mc afee total protection or must I uninstall and get another antivirus ? I suspect it's a firewall problem.

      Anyway I am very angry because I paid 45 euros to avoid problems, not to get some. An antivirus is supposed to be a solution, not a  problem. I hope to have this fixed very soon, otherwise I'll have to get back to avast.

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          Sorry for the inconvenience and I assure you that subscriptions can be refunded by Customer Service if the problems can't be sorted out.


          My first thought on this would be Power Options > Advanced in Control Panel - is the connection timed to go off.


          or...have you inadvertently set the type of connection you are using to a Public one rather than a Home one.


          That setting is in SecurityCenter > Web and Email Protection > Firewall > My Network Connections


          Other than that I can't think of anything that would cause this so your best bet is to contact Technical Support.


          I see you are in Malta so phone support would be long-distance therefore it's best to use the Online Chat option here:  http://service.mcafee.com/faq/country.html

          It's open 24 x 7.





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            I just had another thought but it's only a guess as I don't use the feature.  Parental Controls can be set by an adult to turn off access after a certain time for a child, for instance.


            Is that likely to be a cause here?

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              My connection is set to home connection not public.


              The connection shuts down for 2 minutes every 15 minutes, at any time of the day, so it's not a power issue, nor parental control issue (parental control is deactivated anyway)

              It's been like that for the last 6 weeks. One only has to wait 2 minutes for the connection to come back. It doesn't apply to the programs which the firewall has validated. I can play online poker, or online video games without getting disconnected (fortunately) but anything that happens through a browser/navigator gets shut down for 2 minutes. It has to do with security settings obviously.

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                It's weird and I haven't come across this before I'm sorry to say so have no more ideas than you do.  I think Technical Support is best because they can troubleshoot it directly.