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    EEPC 7 Initial Password

      Currently setting up EEPC on 20 or so machines, have encryption running on my test machine and have noticed a couple of things I'm hoping I can sort before rolling out.


      I've set up an AD group called eepcrec and added that at the group level, it contains a few user accounts and will be used to recover in the event a user forgets their password.  I've set SSO on and update eepc password when AD password is changed and I've updated policies on the laptop and left it for a while.


      The problem is when I log in as one of the recover users for the 1st time I have to put the temp password in (12345) and then the actual user password.  Is there any way to have EEPC pull the actual password from AD from the start, otherwise I'm going to have to log in to all 20 machines with all the recovery users and set the password.  Hoping I'm missing a setting as I would have thought ePO would just pull the account/ passwords and push them to EEPC on the machines.


      Thanks for any assistance