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    4.6.2 to 4.6.6 upgrade - The Local Agent Handler service is not running.


      We applied the 4.6.6 patch/upgrade to our 4.6.2 setup (security vulnerabilities from McAfee).


      After the upgrade, the McAfee epo 4.6.6. Server service won't start

      If you try to login on the web GUI you get the error:


      The Local Agent Handler service is not running.



      If you try to manually start the above service (the event parser and apache server ARE running) you get:

      Windows could not start the service, please check the event logs blah blah blah


      Event Viewer shows:


      (System Log):

      The McAfee service terminated with server specific error:

      Incorrect Function...


      The only posting I could see was back in Dec. 2012 and nobody responded, so I'm hoping there's new information since then.  This seems to be a common problem with EPO in 4.6.x for some strange reason

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