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    MWG 7 losing connection to domain


      We installed a MWG 7 a few weeks ago. It's been working fine without issue for about 3 weeks. All of a sudden today while I was logged into the web interface I was getting a "heartbeat failed" pop up and then I got an email because websites were getting blocked. The block page said it could not authenticate them. I looked at the alerts and it  states it can not connect to the domain.


      I was logged into the CLI and I verified that the date and time are fine. I can ping both of the domain controllers and everything seems to be fine. After about 30 minutes its reconnected but I need to find out what the issue is.


      Where would you suggest I look, and are there any particular log files I can look at for this? I've real briefly looked through the logs, but there are so many it's tough to determine where to start.