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    Host Intrusion Prevention fails to install windows XP machines.


      Hi Guys


      I'm trying to install HIPS on Windows XP SP3 32bit systems and i get the following error from the install log:  Product: McAfee Host Intrusion Prevention -- Installation operation failed or Configuration failed.

      We had deployed HIPS in the environment and it started causing issues were some XP and windows 7 machines lost network connection and were rebooting, so we had to stop the deployment and uninstall HIPS. now we are trying to deploy again and its failing with the above error. Manual installation fails too. We opened a SR with McAfee about a week ago and we still waiting for a response.

      Any ideas to what could be the cause of failing to install?


      Install Log from one of the systems is attached.


      Another thing that i should point out is that these machines were HIPS 7.0. When i took over, the client us to upgrade McAfee software.


      we are running ePO 4.6.5


      VSE 8.8 P3

      SiteAdvisor 3.5

      RSD 4.7




      Evans Dube

      South Africa