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    Deep Command 1.5 Host Based Configuration User Consent Prompt Not Working


      I have this working for a few test computers in a small proof of concept pilot and I can remotely reboot these systems from ePO and connect with the KVM viewer to view and control the systems out of band.  The KVM viewer pops up a consent prompt to the user and it works as expected after the consent code is entered.

      HBC is supposed to work for boot redirection and boot to BIOS with user consent also.  However, when I attempt both, it just fails and the user does not get a consent prompt or any indication on their screen that I am trying to do boot redirection.  Since there is no prompt, the user cannot provide consent.

      What needs to be done to intiiate the consent prompt for boot redirection?  These are the same computers that are configured and working with the KVM Viewer.


      on 5/4/13 10:33:37 PM CDT