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    How To Remove Virus

      i use mcafee virus scan plus 2008 . after install i open mcafee security center i see in scan result have detect 8 virus . now my question is how to remove that virus?????? in result only says quarantined=8 and when i want click finish a box says the scan has detect item but not resolved. now are we can do somtihing to remove that virus?(my virusscan is v 12)
      plzz answer this question
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          If you want to delete the quarantined files please follow these steps:
          1. Open your McAfee Security Center.
          2. On the bottom left of the McAfee window click on the advanced menu. If you can see basic menu instead it means that you are already in advanced menu.
          3. On the advanced menu click on the restore tab.
          4. On the restore tab you would see Programs & Cookies and Files, just click on them and it would give you a list of the quarantined files. To remove them just put click on the box next on the quarantined file and then click remove in the "I want to" box.

          Note: make sure that the quarantined file has a check mark on it to delete it.

          Hope it helps.
          • 2. thank 4 the help
            thank u 4 the help its very help me:)
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              You are most welcome.... Glad to be of help... happy