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    Build scan reports from DB - mvm750



      I'm working with mvm 750 and I need to build scan reports by reading data from the db.

      The goal is to obtain the same data contained in the csv files in an automated way in order to perform some kind of statistic analysis with custom made application.


      At the moment, I'm able to build those kind of reports and put data inside a local db; anyway, I noticed some differences between the extracted data and what is inside the csv.


      To be more specific, data extracted from db contains more vulnerabilities (in number) than those contained in the csv and I'm unsure about which report tells the truth. Maybe I need to exclude some vulnerabilites and/or hosts from the result set obtained from the query? If yes, anybody knows which table should I use to do so?


      Currently I'm basing my extraction on the following tables joined together:







      Thank you to anyone would like to help me.