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    Configuring MEG via ePO


      I have setup a MEG virtual server and using the configuration wizard set it up to be managed via ePo 4.6. From within ePo I can now see a limited set of configurable items under 'MEG Common Settings' but how do I gain access to all the configurable items were available via the web console?




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          Most configuration items will be available in the policies of ePO. 

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            Thanks for the reply. OK I have now found the policies. Select the MEG in the system tree. Click the Assigned Policies tab. After installing the MEG extensions the product dropdown now has the option McAfee Email Gateway 7.5 which brings up the new policy set.

            Is there any documentation on the integration with ePo?

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              Yes the product guide has a section that will explain how to integrate ePO with MEG 7.5. Essentially what you want to do is :


              1- Check in the product and extensions

              2- Register your MEG in the "Registered Servers"

              3- In the "Email and Web Gateway" configuration page in ePO, enter the credentials so that ePO can log in the MEG

              4- Export the connection settings for the MEG appliance from ePO and import them into the MEG console

              5- Export your policies from MEG and import them into ePO (and make sure you assign them to MEG in ePO).. this is very important because when you enable MEG management through ePO, if you don't assign the      correct policies, it will overwrite your MEG configuration with blank policies.

              6-  Enable the MEG management by ePO in the MEG console



              Hope this help