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    OOB IP Configuration


      I'm trying to install a new MEG 7.5 virtual server. The network cards all default to DHCP which we don't run in our DMZ. The initial configuration wizard allows you to change the internal and external network ip addresses but doesn't let you change the out of band ip address. If I log onto the console as admin I can run through the menu options to change the hardware settings which includes the oob network address. The problem is this always defaults to a usb network adapter even though I select NIC 3. Is there any other way to change the oob ip address?

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          When I set up the OOB network I get LAN 3 selected by default.  Right below that I get the IP configuration:


          What are you seeing?  Is there no address configuration at all, or does it just flip back to one of the USB interfaces after you change it?


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            Thanks for the reply. This screen shot is from the web interface which I would like to access via the OOB network. To enable this I would like to update the OOB address as part of the initial setup of the virtual machine. Unfortunately the initial setup wizard doesn't let you change the OOB address. If I logon to the console directly and run through the menu options

            Configuration Console > Configure Hardware > Configure out of band management device

            I can enable the oob and set the IP address and the LAN3 network driver but after I apply the changes the network adapter is set as USB.