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    Blank Screen

      I'm running VISTA home premium. I have the McAfee virus protection provided free through Comcast.

      After my computer has been running for a while, my screen goes blank. It usually goes white but once it went black and a couple times it went dark red. I cannot restart my computer without unplugging it, plugging it back in and turning it back on. When I turn it back on it goes to Safe Mode. I've run AVGAS and Ad-Aware and they aren't finding anything. When I try to run a McAfee scan, the screen goes blank again. This has happened in the past and I have been able to get rid of the problem by running disc clean-up, McAfee Quick Clean and deleting temp files, but this time it isn't going away.

      Also, when I check Windows Security Center, it says that Windows did not find anti-virus software on this computer. It also says that Windows Defender is turned off and won't allow me to turn it back on. My McAfee Security Center says that the software is running and working fine.

      I don't know if these two conditions are related or not.

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          Can you please try to run the McAfee Virtual Technician which is a diagnostic tool which will help us find if there are any problems with the McAfee Product installed on the computer. To run the McAfee Virtual Technician please follow these steps:

          1. Click on the following link [COLOR=#0000ff]https://us.mcafee.com/root/mvtapp.exe now you would get a file download security warning click on save and save it to the desktop.[/COLOR]
          2. Now click on ‘Run’ on the next window which would open the McAfee Virtual Technician.
          3. Click on ‘Continue’ which would give you the End User License Agreement click on ‘I Agree’.
          4. Now the McAfee Virtual Technician would start scanning your computer.
          5. Once the scanning is done on the top right corner you would have the Session ID make a note of it.
          6. Now if it gives you an ‘Auto Fix’ option please go-ahead and try to resolve the issue or if it gives any message make a note of it.
          Now please give us the Session ID so that we can have a look at the information.