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    Who can Help me?


      I have some doubts about OnDemandScanlog.  According to McAfee version 8.8 VRE caches the result of the last scan scanned files for these are not scanned again.

      How can I see in OnDemandScanlog?

      How do I know which files were checked and won´t checked again?




      Leonardo Souza

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          Attila Polinger

          Hello Leonardo,


          I'm afraid you won't see which files were scanned and not checked again, because it is not in a text file like that. My guess is that this is a VSE file and contain file hashes already scanned with current DAT file.



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            Type %deflogdir%.


            This is take you to

            1. XP -> Documents&Settings\All USers\Application Data\McAfee\DesktopProtection

            2. Vista/Win7 -> ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection


            In this folder, you can see the logs..







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              Hello Essarkay,


              I know where these logs are located. However, I don't know which files have already been scanned and consequently won't be scanned anymore. Unless, of course, they've modified.


              Do you know how to check these log files?

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                You can not see this cache file it is only resided with Filter driver.On each DAT update all files even cached by OAS are scanned again.

                Cache is temporarly hash coded file.When any file is accessed by any application it is interrupted by McAfee filter driver if the file is alreday in cashe application will be allowed to access, but if it is not then a commend is send to Mecshield .exe which is basically a scanning services have all latest DAT and scaiing engine to scan this file.File is locked and scann and an entry is made in cache and this process goes on...