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    What level to set SQL exclusions?


      What's the most common level of the system tree to setting On-Access Default Processes Policies exclusions in ePO? What level do you set your exclusions at? Per group or per host? If you have 20 sql servers across 10 different organizations are you manually assigning and creating a special SQL policy and applying them on a per host basis? This seems like too much of a manual process. The sql servers live at different levels of the ePO system tree, which means they each could have different access protections assigned based on the organization they are under. If I create a completely seperate SQL policy, I'm now having to maintain another policy. Thus, the crux of the situation. Being finely tuned is great if you don't have a life, but I'm looking for a more reasonable level of management than setting per host policies and maintaining per host policies that don't inherit settings from there original duplicate. Oh, and I don't want to sacrifice too much risk to achieve my goal.