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    Malware detected and show in Querie which Offload Server reported detection


      Hi all


      I have 2 offload servers and like to show upon detection on a client which offload server that had the detection


      I have in policie for Move primary offload and secondary offload

      Say i would test with Eicar on a client

      Then Malware detected in EPO, fine it all works


      Is it possible to in a querie add so i can see if it was my primary or secondary offload that had the detection reported to EPO

      I do know that fall back is not supported but i still would like to know which of my offloads had the detection


      Can i add this into a querie and have it shown to me?


      Hope it all make sense


      Thanks in advance

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          The MOVE Multiplatfrom software does not currently have this feature.


          A Product Enhancement Request (PER) lets you ask for additional features or functionality to be added to a McAfee product. It provides important feedback on features and input on capabilities that you value.

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