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    Help! Safeboot v5.1.9 running really slugish and sometimes not importing machines



      We are running Safeboot v5.1.9 and have been for several years trouble free. Recently we have had quite a lot of new laptops through the door and Safeboot seems to be struggling to cope with the increased demand.


      Specific problems are:


      1. After we image a machine and run the Safeboot client install batch program this usually drops the machine into the "Client Install Group" in Safeboot Manager, we can then drop this into the relevant group and encrypt from there. Now however sometimes the client machine does not appear in the  "Client Install Group" (maybe 20% of the time) but when we re-run the batch file it prefixes it with %Computername%001 and when we try to remove the "001" it says the name already exists in the database.


      2. Performance seems to be really slow when searching for machines or users. When we reboot the server this seems to dramatically improve things for a short period of time but then over the next few days it gradually starts to grind to a halt again.


      Any ideas/help appreciated?