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    Internet Security 2013 on Windows XP

      Has anyone tried to install Internet Security on Windows XP ?

      I successfully installed Internet security, performed all updates but the problem raised after I rebooted the PC. McAfee killed all network functions. No connectivity, blocked network setting and generally the PC was unable to connect to internet and local lan. Is this what we mean internet protection ? Disabling all connections there is no risk from internet !!!

      I tried the same installation on a new machine with clean Windows XP but after reboot network was dead !!!

      I tried to resolve the problem with all Mcafee tools (Virtual technitial not working any more) but nothing happened.


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          Sounds like you need a support call give them a call and if no solution with that tech request an escalation call back. This not common my xp install has all access installed not IS  but that should not be an issue.




          Post your IS version please


          on 02/05/13 7:13:10 EDT AM
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            I do not need support. I need a product that works. The version of IS is 2013. I tried version 2012 and works fine. IS 2013 kills network. After unistall everything work. I reinstalled IS2013. Same proplem. I removed IS2013 and installed Kaspersky IS 2013. All fine !!! I wonder if McAfee is testing products before selling. I had other issues too like installing IS2013 on a PC which had IS2012 license not updated correctly. Still shows IS2012 expiration date. Is it serious ?

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              Technical Support will get your product working - a free call or online chat.  Customer Service will sort out any account issues.  But if that expiry date is showing on your machine rather than the account page, it's probably because the old software wasn't completely removed.


              In that case a regular uninstall via Control Panel, then running the MCPR cleanup tool, reboot and re-download/install from your account, should sort it out.





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                Sometimes two runs of mcpr is better than 1.

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                  Hi there, i just bought internet Security 2013 and tried to install on dell laptop running xp sp3 from cd. Received error saying softwre not compatible with/ verified by windows. Upon closing and re-boot, i have now lost all network connectivity. Please help... In this day andage, the install of this type of software should be seamless & painless! Not a good customer experience as I am a returning customer (from kaspersky). Please don't point me to support as I am using ipad and virtual tech doesn't work....


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                    Can you initiate System Restore back to before the installation was attempted?   Also you should be able to repair the connecvtion by right-clicking the taskbar network icon, no?


                    When you removed the previous software did you use their removal tool as well?


                    Also is this XP SP3 totally up to date and running IE8?


                    If in doubt Technical Support is free by phone or online chat and linked under Useful Links at the top ofr this page.


                    You can phone Technical Support.


                    UK/Ireland call 020 79490107*


                    * 09.00-18.00 local, Monday through Friday.






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                      Also the CD may have an old version on it depending when and where you bought it.   It should however offer you an online installation option.  Do that and create an online account if you don't already have one.    That way you will always have the latest software available to you, as long as your subscription is valid.

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                        Thanks for coming back on this. System restore worked so I have internet access again. In case the CD software is out of date (I may have words for PC World if it is) I went to the download site referenced in the instructions. However, when I put in the product key and select either UK or US English, I am told that the selected country does not correspond to the product key entered. There is no Republic of Ireland option in the list. Any suggestions?



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                          Are you doing it here:  http://home.mcafee.com/root/ECards.aspx?affid=0&pkgid=272,273&flow=cdkey&cid=782 43  ?


                          If that doesn't work contact Technical Support using online chat.   You can use the UK or US with that and they should be open now.


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