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    I am in the worst computer situation ever involving keyloggers,trojans,and spyware

      firstly this is the most populated thread so i posted this ere to get a fast response as no one has answered me in other threads.

      OK well over the past few weeks i guess my computer has gradually built up to a disaster, let me explain. to begin with i have no idea what mcafee i have as i dont know how to find out, all i know is we pay £2.50 a month for it.

      i play a game called runescape and being an idiot i went on a site relating rs, im certain this site gave me viruses and keyloggers. i ran a computer check for free with spyware docotr and elite anti keylogger, they both gave the exact same results thus confirming i had keyloggers, spyware, and a trojan. these programs wont remove the infections for me and mcafee cant seem to find them, ppl r saying they r just saying that to trik u into buying but i have hard evidence.
      1) the game runescape involves getting higher STATS and one of the keyloggers i have is called STATCOUNTER or something meaningg it is monitoring my online gaming experience, i also have mouse trackers.
      2)both of these entirely different programs i scanned with r not related but gave the exact same results meaning they arent making stuff up they HAVE found it.

      back to the point, i have aorund 50 keyloggers, 1 trojan, and 150 spyware and mcafee cannot find them, how can i possibly remove them and protect myself in the future when mcafee doesnt seem to be all that good