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    DLP How Do I Allow Specific USB Devices?


      My network is running ePO V4.0 with DLP V9.0.1.7


      I've been through a basic training course for HBSS and we went over how to allow specific USB devices, but I don't seem to be putting in the information correctly because I can't get it to work.


      My desired outcome would be all, but approved, USB devices would be blocked and deny access. I think it may be how I enter the serial number for the device itself.


      I have a definition made for specific Approved USB Devices. Under USB Device Serial Number, I have tried 1110250021E3&0 as it appears in my registry, 1110250021E30, and 16A0CD8B as it appears in msinfo32.

      I have another definiton - Bus Type: USB - Block On/Off, Monitor On/Off, Notify On/Off


      Under Device Rule, my rule has Bus Type: USB - Block On/Off, Monitor On/Off, Notify On/Off is checked for Include, and my Approved device definition for Exclude.


      When I plug in the aprroved device, I still recieve the Pop-Up message stating the device is blocked, and access to the drive is denied.


      Also, I am making sure the policy is applied, and the machine I am testing on has the new policy.


      Can anyone provide me some info as to what I may be doing wrong, or maybe an example of a working setup I may reference?