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    EEFF Encryption keys not assigned by UBP



      I running ePO 4.6.4 with EEFF 4.0.1

      Clients Win 7 32 and 64 bit.

      Before a 7-8 month I defined policy assignment rule to distribute encryptionkeys.

      Rule assign keys to members of AD group (user assignment) and all works finefor a while.

      Before couple of days, customer informs me about troubles to accessencrypted folders.

      During check, I find what Encryption keys not available on client side, althoughkey created with "Never Expired" option, user still member of ADgroup and policy with Assignment rule enabled.

      I create new Encryption key and replace in Grant Key policy old key with newone. After policy received by client, new Encryption key displayed under"Available keys"

      I try to disable User assignment rule and create Computer assignment rulefor same policy - also works with both new and old keys.


      Anyone have idea - Why old encryption key stop to be distributed by UBP ?