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    Report on all vulnerabilities, except for superseded patches


      How do I create a vulnerability report that excludes superseded Microsoft patches?


      If I use the "_McAfee_ Microsoft Non-Superseded Patches" filter, then it filters out all non-Microsoft related vulnerabilities.


      I need to create a report using filter logic that contains:

      1. All Non-Superseded Microsoft Patches

      2. No Superseded Microsoft Patches

      3. All Other patches and vulnerabilities

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          Hi ed87,


          I'm not sure I understand 100% what you're asking.  If you're using a filter for the Custom Report, it's more complicated than that. 

          When you set an Asset Filter it serves to report on any Asset that matches (or ever has matched) that filter.  For example if you use the "Non-Superseded Patches" filter, any asset that has had an un-remediated vulnerability from that category will appear on the report. 


          I think you would have better luck running a Custom Report for a particular Asset Group, and use a Display Filter (Sections Tab)  vs. Asset Filter.


          Asset Filter tab

          The Asset Filter controls which assets (hosts) are available for generating reports. Create matching or non-matching conditions to select appropriate assets.


          Sections Tab

          The Sections tab settings determine what sections of content appear in the report. You can select multiple sections, based upon the Report Type selected.


          The Sections tab is where you can select which vulnerabilities to display on the report. For example check all the categories you want to see, and leave the others unchecked.


          I hope that helps!