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    False-positive detection and notification by HDLP


      Hi All,


      What "false-positive" I talk about here is not real false-positive, it looks more like a bug for notification. I don't know what is the exactly suited word in English because of my poor English, let me give you an example. Sometimes after DLP detects a event defined in a rule, if I don't close the process related, when I open a file which is not in defination and should not be detected using the same program and it shares the same process with first detected file, there is a notification for detection new opening (I defined notification in rule actions page.), but the file name (if existing) is not the filename which is not in defination. And normally I will not find the event in DLP Monitor. For Clipboard Protection Rule, if a definded file triggers the rule, I will not be able to copy content from all files opned by same process. After clsoe the process, all non-defined files are back to uncontrolled mode.


      It is hard for me to do a test, for it is not always working in way.


      Is this by design? or a bug? or I did something wrong on rule defination?