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    Supporting EEPC 6.2


      Hi Guys

           We are just passed a POC and decided to go with EEPC,  I just want to understand how going forward you have supported Encrypted HDD when you have some issues.  I'm aware that there is a the EETECH and this will do some stuff but how have you managed the some of the questions I'm about to post.  They have been generated by out Local Desktop guys and all valid questions. 


      • I believe the fix would have been to chkdsk /R his PC from my PC and possibly manually restore a snapshot of his system registry (no more than 30 minutes turn-around). Because his PC is encrypted, I cannot do this.

                encryption must be removed. 

      • My ability to use the Windows PE environment to virus scan is broken because of the preboot enviroment.


      How have you guys got round supporting stuff like the above.  I'm trying to make this as easy and as painless for our support guys as i can.  At the moment all they see is Encryption as an negative which creates extra work for them.

      I have looked through forums but cant see anything out there. Please any help would be greatful.  I'm intending to run an encryption workshop for our Desktop guys ASAP and would like all the answers  :-)