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    Engine 5600, issue 100% CPU use during full scan


      In my environment I need to say that the on-demand full scan performance of McAfee VirusScan is really bad. The disk I/O is high and the CPU goes up so the system is really slowed down. Esspecially notebook users have problems continuing working.

      Now with the new engine I got the impression that it got worse. I ran a test and while with 5400 the cpu usage was about 80-90%; my test laptop gives me mearly constantly 100% cpu usage during a full scan. Is there anybody realizing the same bad performance with on-demand full scans and the new (or old) engine?


      Honestly I do not understand why McAfee is not able to get this fixed. A Trend Micro OfficeScan full scan running on the same laptop shows no performace issues. They seem to have a mechanism in place that reduces the disk I/O usage if you launch a program; really nice.


      FYI the laptop is an up-to-date Intel i5 lenovo with Win 7 and I'm aware that I can set the CPU priority usage within ePO. But even with "below normal" the cpu usage is too high to work and my impression is that it got worse with engine 5600 what I do not understand as one of the new features is "Performance Improvement".


      So again anybody realizing the same?