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    No Network Detected


      I have been using MacAfee for many years mainly because I like the capability of the stealth option. I like to know what programs are leaching out to the internet and when.  This option should ship as stealth on.


      As of January 13/2013 when my auto update decided it was time to update to ver 12 of MacAfee from ver 11.6 my stealth has never worked again.


      I have 6 licenses 3 of which are not at this location.

      The 3 not at this location seem to work fine they have server assigned IPs

      my IPs on the other hand are static assigned and have been since the early 90's without a hitch.

      If I stick a router on my system and let it server assign IP's to my computer things work fine as well.  So is it just the fact that I want to assign IP's ?


      Does this mean that MacAfee is not going to support the use of any IP's other than the 192.168.x.x ?


      I will be sorry to see MacAfee go if this is the case.  I have been a faithful user for many years My first copy scanned for 19 viruses.  I have always told people that if you can't install it then you have something wrong with your computer already .... and as many answers I have seen just reading this forum I see this has been the case.


      Yes I have uninstalled and re installed I have spent way to many hours on this, if this was new software to me I would have dropped it long ago and said I would never install this ever.  But I do know otherwise.  MacAfee has protected me from many viruses even the sasar that put the hydro off for 3 days back in June of 2003.




      Any Information about this would sure be appreciated.


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          Have you allowed the Ips in the firewall My connections list?


          Ok mine uses 192.168 fixed Ips I put in no worries but I assume you want to use non 192.168 iPs is this correct?


          When you answer I will check with the techs we talk to if there is a way other than what I suggested.

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            rayluke - I am confused about the problem.  Are you syaing when you go into Home Networking you see an error?  Or is it Stealth that is not working?



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              The network works fine for sharing it’s the stealth I want to work I used to have IPs set in the  “allow only” but it makes no difference now everything can see the computers broadcast.

              And yes I do want to set static IPs other than the 192.168.x.x



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                  There used to be an error with some DLL and will have to close but that has been fixed up it seems with the last few updates to the software.

                But still remains there is no network detected it sees the IP and it sees the Mac address of my card but says there is no network detected so the stealth does not seem to come on and I’m not even sure if the firewall is on it says the fire wall is on ... But is it working? Not sure.



                The entire program works fine just like it always has but I get No network detected and stealth does not work.


                Funny I can turn on Lockdown and it will cut off the network that it seems to not detect.



                ... Thanks RayLuke


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                  Here is the error I was getting but I have not seen this for about a month now.

                  Mcafee service host has encountered a problem and needs to close.

                  You can likely see the IP’s I’m wanting to use  When you look into the  admin message post logs on this site .

                  And just in case you ask this happens to XP, Entertainment Edition and 7

                  Thanks .... RayLuke



                  PS ver 11.6 works fine and still does .... I used it as a free trial (and messed up my account ) so it is definitely someone's new Idea for Ver 12



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                    rayluke - I am really sorry about this but we are still havgin a hard time figuring out what problem youa re experiencing.  I am responsible for Home Network Defence - and I do not think you are having a problem with this.  I spoek to my Firewall counterpart and he is not sure what Stealth mode is.  Can you show us on the UI with some screen shots or some verbal instructions regarding what buttons or screens youa re seeing what you are trying to do?



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                      He is talking about the traffic controller


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                        So  From the top:


                        January 13/2013  Auto update to ver 12 of the Security Center

                        Next day programs I had blocked from having internet access by saying no when  asked or allow once was my favorite that way I could tell when a program out of the blue wanted to send something.

                        In looking for why this was not working I noticed that the Home networking was not detecting my network even though it can see my IP and Mac address as well as the name of the computer and what operating system.  Whereas before with ver 11.6 the Home networking was showing everything on my network.




                        After trying many ways of connecting I found that the common denominator to cause this problem to occur was the addresses that are assigned to the computer and how.  You are lucky that most people don’t use stealth they just let everything go in fact most people don’t even like the pop-ups they get warning them of possible threats.

                        And that’s about it … I have talked to support already about this and it looks like it’s just the way someone decided to go.







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                          Thanks for posting the snap ... I see you don't even leave your settings on default.



                          .. RayLuke

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