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    Agent Handler Installation with Natted ePO 4.6

      Hello there,


      We are currently trying to deploy an Agent Handler on a different network of ours. We HAVE NOT made the ePO live, epo is working on private IP addresses, However since the Agent Handler has LIVE IP address, it will come through Internet to access the ePO server. We have done the following NATTING.


      Agent Hanlder to ePO Server Comminucation.png


      NATTING INFORMATION that is done as below and firewall rules are also working


      MCAFEEEPO-1 (221.120.x.x)   8081   --->     AgentHandler (182.190.x.x) 8081

      MCAFEEEPO-1 (221.120.x.x)   80       <--->    AgentHandler (182.190.x.x) 80

      AgentHandler (182.190.x.x)      8443   <--->    MCAFEEEPO-1 (221.120.x.x)  8443

      AgentHandler (182.190.x.x)      8444  <--->    MCAFEEEPO-1 (221.120.x.x)   8444

      AgentHandler (182.190.x.x)     1433   <--->    MCAFEEEPO-1 (221.120.x.x)   1433


      What We have Done


      We have the following private IP addresses for EPO:

      (NLB IP for ePO Application) (NLB IP for MSSQL DATABASE)


      We have used FRAMEPACKAGE to install on Agent Handler so its also listed in Managed Systems, When we right click and select ABOUT on Agent, it shows that it has the following ePO Server/Agent handler




      and when we click pull policies and enforce policies, Agent shows that Communication with ePO server failed. I am assuming it is happending because when LIVE Agent Handler System tries to connect to it cant find that private IP address and thus communication fails. Instead we should use 221.120.x.x instead of


      To address this change of IP address, we have Extracted FramePackage, edited the IP address from to 221.120.x.x , installation of agent is successful, but agent doesnt gets registered, NO GUID is created and properties of agent shows BLANK GUID, means its not working.


      How we can make the change to LIVE IP address for ePO server on Agent Handler/Agent so it can communicate back to ePO server with Natted Environment.


      We are badly stuck at this point and need assistance.....