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    McAfee Internet Security Will not recognize Vobfus

      A few of my desktops are infected with a virus known as Vobfus to other antivrus programs such as Pareto Logic and Kapersky.  I have installed the latest version Internet Security from My Account, Subscriptions.  It appears that this virus has been around a few months so I would expect McAfee Internet Security to detect this virus.  When performing a full scan it does not detect the virus at all.  In addition the virus actually deactivates McAfee Internet Security.  I formated and reinstalled Windows XP and reinstalled McAfee Internet Security.  I  reconnect this desktop the peer to peer server and caught the virus again. Not only did I catch the virus the virus Deactivated McAfee Internet Security.   When I log into my account I can see that the McAfee Internet Security license for that desktop is activated but at the desktop level the program reads deactivated.


      I did submit a sample of one the files detected by GetSusp but I don't know how to get results and if there will be a release to the DAT to detect my variant.


      Does anyone know what I could do to get it detect this virus so I can know which desktops to manually clean?