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      is it possible to configure MVM 7.5 to send syslog msgs?

      any adivse is appreciated


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          Hi arsalan,


          Syslog from?  the targets?  or are you talking about syslog monitoring on the MVM Appliance itself?



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            HI Cathy,

            sorry I forgot to mention what exactly I wanted

            Im looking for a solution to send syslog msgs from the mvm appliance to some syslog servers .

            like arcsight syslog daemon

            I know arcsight has something configured for MVM but I looking for a way to sending all events like user logged in,logged out,scan started,ticket assigend, etc to a syslog server.

            in MVM notification settings there are only options for configuring email and snmp

            so is it possible todo such a thing in this product or not?

            thanks alot cathy

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              Hey arsalan. Did you figure out how to solve the problem?