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    User Logs from EPO


      Hello All,


      There is one query regarding the User logs.


      If user is disabled on clinet side and it is saying it is disabled. Now I am performing recovery and allowing user to change password. After that user is able to login in to his computer.


      Now I want to submit report for the users who are being disabled/locked to my manager.


      Can you please guide me how do I fetch this kind of report?


      Thanks in Advance.

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          With some manual work it is possible, you can duplicate the EE: Product Client Events report, set as a filter to filter out on EventID 30005. This will give you a report of all the recovery events, you will then need to dig into each of them to determine if they were user recovery or machine recovery.





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            I tried it but user need to have report only for locked user. Just like in older version of EEPC 5.x, it is showing locked user report but in ePO I am not able to find it.