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    Encryption users disappearing

      Hi All,


      To start off, here is our server details:


      McAfee EPO 4.6.4

      Endpoint Encryption v 7


      We've recently been experiencing a strange issue where we're assigning a user to a device ( menu > data protection > encryption users), and at some undetermined point, that user then disappears from the device and needs to be readded.


      This has happened for one (new) user in particular, but yesterday I did some testing by adding a new user and a pre-existing user to a device, and also a group.  This morning when I checked, these two users have also disappeared.


      We currently have >300 devices encrypted, and we've never encountered this issue before this week.  All existing devices are unaffected, it only seems to be newly assigned users that are disappearing.


      I don't even know where to begin troubleshooting this - what could be causing these users to disappear?  Does anybody have any experience with this, or is it an outstanding issue?  I've looked through the KB and Google, but found nothing related.



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          I have an inkling this might be something to do with the AD synching, as I have just tried to add the user in question to a device and it has displayed an unexpected error.


          This is consistent with some errors I have had in the past when AD synching has been playing up.


          I will report back, but if anyone has any ideas in the meantime I'd still be happy to hear them


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            OK, please disregard my comments relating to old users.


            The issue now seems to be that any user created on our AD this week, is disappearing from the device or group that I've added them to.  It has happened several times today already.


            I have stopped all scheduled tasks from running (including the AD sync) to see if this would stop the users from disappearing  but it's still happening.  I cannot work out what is prompting this to happen.  I've also rebooted the server itself.


            They show up when I search for users, they show up in the list of users on the device/group once I've added them, I've even successfully logged into the device as them.  But at some undetermined point, they vanish.


            I have a feeling I might have to raise this with McAfee support, as this is a huge problem


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