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    MWG load balancing clarification




      I am interested to know how MWG distributes load in different appliances in cluster?Does it have any builtin algorithm which checks load on different appliances and accordingly distributes load or its round robin fashion? I did little search and came to know that best way to manage load is to use an external load balancer. But I have to share with compliance team on how does MWG does load balancing.



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          MWG uses the concurrent connections as the only metric to distribute load. If a request comes in from an unknown source IP the machine with the least open connections will become responsible for this client. If the client is not seen anymore for a couple of minutes MWG "forgets" about him and the process starts over.


          The load sharing MWG performs is pretty simple so it does not provide you with all the features, control and monitoring a full featured load balancer provides.




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            Is there any possibility to manually change a stickiness time of ip to particular node ? What is the default time ? And the last question, is there a possibilty to manually clear or view map of stickiness ?