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    Java 7u21 from Oracle a Virus?

      Mcafee keeps telling me I should not download JDK-7u21-windows-x64.exe as it is a virus.  I have a hard time believing that.  What's the deal?  I'm downloading from Oracle.

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          It should be saying it's a possible problem.  Depending on your settings it will do that with many downloads.  It should give you the option to download it anyway as long as you are downloading it directly from Oracle and not some 3rd party website.   Have you got SiteAdvisor browser add-on installed?  It's probably that which is warning you.

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            Yes site advisor is on.  It is giving a warning.  I'm downloading an update becuase McAfee said a previous scan found a trojan jar (or whatever).  I wanted the latest version.


            One problem with Site Advisor is that it is too easy to mimic.  I don't know if the message is legit.  Would a manual scan of the .EXE be sufficiant to detect if the download itself has a problem?  I plan on disabling applets as soon as I find the right spot.

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              It might help to save the download to your desktop first and then scan it, although it should aloready have been scanned.

              Those popups usually appear with an x or a button to OK the download anyway don't they?


              If you have SecurityCenter 12.1 there's a Vulnerability Scanner which can be set to monitor these sorts of things and even install them for the most part.


              It wont cause any watnings.


              It's under PC & Home Network Tools.

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                I forgot to add, run some extra tools just in case, see the last link in my signature below.   Stinger and Malwarebytes Free for instance.   They are linked there.

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                  Thank you sir.  Just a bit gun shy as I got two viruses last year.  One used a fake pop up.  McAfee did nothing to stop them.

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                    I don't blame you, I've been caught on a few occasions too.  Unfortunately no antivirus is going to stop everything out there.