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    Problem with RSD task: "Delete Detected Systems"

      Hello there,



      I got an EPO server that I upgraded from 4.0 to 4.6.3 in a fine and smooth procedure.

      I'm using the RSD, and it's works pretty well.


      Now, i need to delete the detected system that are older then one week.

      There is a build-in task for it, that works fantastic. But there is one, big, problem:


      This task deletes also the exaptions! I don't want to delete the exaptions!



      i tried to do many "tricks" to avoid this problem but for vain:


      1) tried to query for the detected systems without exaption,and then delete.

      but when i do that, i don't have the option to delete the detected systems.


      2) i tried allso to query for the detected systems without exaption, immport them to system tree and then delete.

      but the detected systems still remeines.



      what sould i do? any suggestion on how to delete the detected system without the exaption ones?


      thanks in advance,





      it was the same on the EPO V4.0