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    Web Gateway listing my website as "pornography"

      After moving the website nogeek.it from GoDaddy to a new shared hosting server on HostGator, I have realized my company's Web Gateway 7 blocked the website as "pornography". So far, the website is just a new Wordpress install, with no content in it besides the default WP content, therefore I reckon the website might have been blocked because of the hosting server "bad" reputation.


      When on GoDaddy, the website was accessible with no problem whatsoever, so I left HostGator and moved back to GoDaddy. Unfortunately, even after this move it is still blocked as "pornography". I have checked on http://www.trustedsource.org/en/feedback/url?action, but it looks that the website is not categorized. Being completely new, I am not surprised about it but don't know what to do to unblock it.