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    EOL forecast VSE 8.8 for Windows XP SP3




      on the EOL support list I saw there is no date available for the end of life support for VSE 8.8 on Windows XP SP2 and 3.

      Is there a forecast available for how long the McAfee support still stands for Windows XP SP3 ?


      Thanks in advance.

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          MS still supports XP through next March, so it's at least that long. As it is, McAfee is dropping Win2K support in October 2014, about 4 years or so after MS dropped support. I guess as long as XP remains popular and doesn't require alot of code changes or restrictions to support it, it'll probably be around for quite awhile.


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            Hi Rick,


            To add to Andy's reply,



            http://www.mcafee.com/common/media/mcafeeb2b/support/terms/Support_Policy-Produc t_Support_EOL.pdf

            McAfee End of Life Software Support


            This policy applies to all software. If a software product is Generally Available (GA), the service level of the support contract is McAfee’s Full Service Software Support (FSSS).FSSS will continue for a maximum of 1 year after the End of Sale date


            . . .

            McAfee Custom Software Support


            When a product transitions to the End of Life period, at McAfee’s discretion, Custom Software Support (CSS) may be available as an exception. To be eligible for CSS, the customer must have a current and continuous support contract in place. If available, Custom Software Support will:

            • Be purchasable

            • Provide limited content updates

            • Be available for a limited time period

            • Have specific terms and conditions

            • Will never include hardware support and/or hardware warranty

            My interpretation: Full Service Software Support will end 1 year after End of Sale, unless you have a Custom Software Support agreement.


            My question is: does MS still 'Sell' Windows XP (say, to the Enterprise customers) and is the Win7 Pro/Ultimate WinXP VM considered 'Saleable' to McAfee?


            My guess: As soon as MS stops providing HotFix support for the OS, McAfee will not be able to support the OS.




            Ron Metzger


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              Typically, we support our products, not the operating systems. What that means is that just because the OS becomes EOL doesn't mean our products' support on it ends. Usually our software is supported on the EOL OS much longer than the OS itself is supported. Ultimately we will release a new version in the form of a patch or upgrade that simply won't include the old platform.


              Please note: I'm not in Support. I'm just observing as an employee. I used words like "Typically" and "Usually". Please know that I have no crystal ball and I can't make anything other than observations about the past.


              Also, we have made provisions for long term support of "dead" platforms using McAfee's Application Control.

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                Hi Peter,


                Thanks for the comments.


                Security software can only run properly if the foundation (the OS) is sound. So, support for McAfee products can only occur on a sound foundation, the OS, where HotFixes (to the OS) are available as security issues are found.


                It is commendable that McAfee products were supported on Windows 2000 4 years after MS dropped support. 'Typical' and 'usual' behaviour for McAfee: Great. However, Microsoft is accelerating it's development cycles and trying to release major updates/upgrades in a much faster time table. At some point, McAfee will need to follow that trend and drop resources supporting legacy OS.'


                Thus, I quoted McAfee's EOL general policy, stating 1 additional year of support (for McAfee software products) from end of sale (of the OS). Microsoft's 'sale' of Windows XP is ambiguous.


                The question remains: When does that time (1 additional year of McAfee support of McAfee software, after 'sale' of MS OS ends) start? The answer will potentially change business plans, budgeting, etc. for my clients. Should I be recommending Custom Software Support (CSS)? The timeframe's are critical to business planning.


                It would be nice if McAfee could put a 'stake in the ground' stating intentions when McAfee software products will no longer be supported on Windows XP. Obviously, if Microsoft lets these dates slip, then McAfee can change their dates as well.



                Ron Metzger

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                  Thanks so far for your comments !

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                    As soon as you ask me to "Put a Stake in the ground"... unfortunately I'm not in Product Management so I suddenly can't answer ultra precise questions like that. At a minimum the language strongly implies April 2014 (EOL for XP) + 1 year. I can tell you that internally, we definitely hear that customers are asking us to support XP longer than Microsoft.

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                      Thank you Peter for your response. I appreciate your position and answer.

                      Yes, I understand that you are not in Product Management, and I did not expect 'you' to 'Put a Stake in the ground.'


                      McAfee Product Management needs to make this decision. The strong implication for support thru April 2015, is good news, though I won't hold you to that. This does give me an idea of when I will need to make other legacy software and hardware upgrades.


                      Thanks, again.

                      Ron Metzger


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