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    Wouldn't scan, so uninstalled this to reinstall and now it will not reinstall


      I've been having issues for a couple of weeks but have not had enough time to sit down and deal with this issue.  I've been reading some other suggestions and followed them but none has worked.  I downloaded the stinger, but it won't run.  I downloaded Malwarebyte but that won't run either.  I uninstalled and tried to reinstall Mcafee total protection but this is failing as well.   Help!!!   Now I'm not protected at all.  This all seemed to happen after an update that was recently installed.  It started with the virus scan turning off real-time scanner.  Then I tried to run a regular scan and this failed and I've been trying to fix it ever since.  I have Windows 7.  I had Mcafee version 11.6 until I uninstalled it to reinstall.    Any suggestions??  Help!!!

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