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    Scan64 error in Windows 7 64-bit


      Scan 64.exe - Bad Image.jpg

      Hi all, getting this error screen after trying to install VSE 8.8 on a Win 7 64-bit machine.  This is on virtual and stand-alone PCs we get the same error.  Tried removing and reinstalling VSE over and over.  Plus, HotFix and Patch 2 won't install - both error out.  See screen:


      This is a new Win7 build we're using. 

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          Post Access protection logs and system event logs.

          start>run> %deflogdir%

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            I'll look at those tomorrow.  Here's some more of the scenario:


            1. Set up a Win 7 64-bit VM.  Installed Agent and all modules.  VSE installed 32-bit and 64-bit scan engines.  Ran a scan, all good.  Then, deployed VM as part of a baseline.  When a user accesses the VM the 64-bit engine is missing in the installed McAfee software list.  Try to run a scan, get the error screen above.

            2.  Also found this error screen on some stand-alone systems, not just VMs. 

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              I got the same error when manually on-demand scan a file or folder.
              This pop-up comes in because Certifikate of dll `s in certifikat store are missing.


              See KB73521


              I open SR # <3-2673389051> to get a superdat from mcafee



              When launching an On-Demand Scan a popup comes up -->   bad images

              We must have a SuperDat to deploy by ePO - the Alternatively: Solution 2 of https://kc.mcafee.com/corporate/index?page=content&id=KB73521


              To avoid the bad DLL message, you need to import a copy of the digital certificate for the third-party product into the McAfee Trust Certificate Store!


              Tray this