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    SSO Pausing at Ctrl+Alt+Del Prompt


      EE Agent


      Windows 7 Enterprise 64bit SP1



      During a pilot I rolled out 37 machines on EEPC with Pre-boot Auth enabled with SSO synched with AD credentials.


      It was working well for about a month. Now we see the same users/machine with the problem where SSO pauses at the "Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to Logon" windows screen. When a user presses ctrl+alt+del then SSO continues to log them in without needing to re-enter windows credentials.


      We first thought it only happened when the network was disconnected, but after some testing we noted the occurrences are random. It seems to go away for a short while if a gpupdate /force is run on the machines. But the problem reappears after a few minutes. I know it sounds like a GPO issue but we don't easily modify GPO.


      Has anyone else come across this problem with EEPC 6.2?


      Any ideas to narrow dows the problem?


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          I had a similar issue with a 6.1.x version, some users would just hang at the windows press ok to login warning message screen for up to 5 minutes.


          I think in the end I just upgraded them to the latest and the problem went away, That was to version Version 7 is also good (although dosnt play as nice with XP).


          Also check the rest of the mcafee software is up to date, we have got agent/VSE and HIPs up to date recently which might also be helping.