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    HIPS target exceptions


      Hi, we recently rolled out hips 8.0 to a few select users and set it to monitor threats. We have to create exceptions for a few target exe's like logmein.exe. I noticed that when exceptions are created both target path and target file name has to be mentioned but the target path will usually be the user profile path. Is there a way to create exceptions only for the target exe rather than using the target path aswell.



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          Kary Tankink

          You can change any details in the IPS exception, as needed.  If you don't want the path, you can use a wildcard, or just remove it.





          Can be changed to:








          Be aware of how IPS exception criteria is AND/OR'd together though.


          KB70652 - Host Intrusion Prevention 7.0 IPS exception criteria (applied to HIPS 8.0 too)