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    ePO Policies: Endpoint Encryption


      I am currently setting up a new endpoint encryption 7.0 enviroment on my ePO 4.6 server. this is taking over from safeboot 5.1 currently installed.


      Now with the policies there are two functions which i currently make us of (in safeboot 5.1) which i cannot seem to setup on the new policis (7.0)


      First is that when a user locks the laptop it is locking with their windows credentials not their Endpoint Encryption details.


      Also when the stored value key is removed (with which they log in with) it does not lock the laptop as it does currently in safeboot.


      I have looked everywhere and cannot find the functionality to do this! is this not possible in endpoint encrytpoin or am i looking in the wrong place?


      Thanks in advance