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    Security Suite Problems

      I am a Cox Cable subscriber and have had McAfee security suite for several years - with no problem whatsoever.


      However, the darned thing started acting up a month or so ago with a popup stating my computer was at risk and warning me to scan my computer.


      I did and it said I had X problems and indicated to clean them up. BUT, it took me to McAfee where it said that, in order to fix the problems, I had to pay $90 to download the program to do so!


      Well, I finally removed the program and just recently re-uploaded it to my computer - Windows Vista - and  continued to get the same stuff.

      There was another problem in that, before, when I would do a search or go to a website, McAfee would advise me whether or not it was safe to enter. That feature has disappeared and I don't know how to correct.


      When I went back to Cox, it gave me a link to download McAfee Virtual Technician, which I did. The scan showed some registry problems and "fixed" them, tell me to restart my machine in answer to complete the fix.


      So, all I want to know how is - how do I get the warning feature in my browser?


      Oops - now I just got a Microsoft Windows popup telling me "McAfee SecurityCenter Instrumentation stopped working and was closed" and they would find a solution to the problem.  What the h**l is going on with these programs?


      Thanks for any help.

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          Unsure what this $90 request was for unless Cox is affiliated with some tech support firm. Was the offer for virus removal or issues with mcafee?


          Probably was the latter and I would first try

          McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools


          Maybe you need to enlarge on what this same stuff you get is?


          RE site advisor if it is not included in the cox version you can get it on the mcafee site at http://home.mcafee.com/store/free-services or maybe the cox site.

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            Thanks for the tip on site advisor - I downloaded it.


            As for the $90 - I get a popup in the lower right corner of the screen telling me my computer is at risk and asking me to run a scan. When I do so, it tells me that in order to fix the problems - which my other version of McAfee tells me I have none - it tells me to go to the McAfee site and download "the full version" of the program for that amount.


            Just happened a few minutes ago and I closed it before I came here to log on. Next time it happens, I'll post the link.

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              Peter M

              If you could post a screenshot of the popup too it would help us track down what's going on.

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                Peter M

                I moved this provisionally to SecurityCenter as a better spot for support.

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                  Hate to show my tech ignorance but I have no idea how to do a screenshot!


                  Next, after downloading the security suite again, it gave me a desktop shortcut that, when clicked on, is exactly the same as the popup.


                  Every time I open it, it tell me my computer is at risk and the real time scanning and firewall are off. I click to turn them on and the almost instantly show off again!!! [My MS Defender and Firewall aren't effected] I have no idea what to do to make the blasted things stay off.


                  I also downloaded the Site Advisor for my browsers and it still doesn't work.


                  Does that help?

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                    Peter M

                    To do a whole screenshot simply click your PrtScn key near the upper right side of your keyboard and then open Paint  (Start > Search, type in Paint, or Start > Search box and type in Paint, it should appear above).  Open it and click the Edit button and paste your image in.  Click File & Save it as a .jpg to your desktop or wherever else you wish.


                    Than add it to a post by clicking the camera symbol on top of the reply box.


                    To post just a small portion of your screen such ads only the popup you can use the Snipping tool if you are using Vista. 7 or 8  Locate that in your Start Menu > Accessories > System Tools.  It's a useful tool so you may weish to make a shortcut for it on your desktop, and/or drag it into your Quicklaunch area if you use that.


                    Click the image below to magnify if needed.





                    However, if you aren't sure, you may be better advised asking Technical Support for help.  It's free by phone or online chat and available by clicking the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.







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                      McAfee II.JPG

                      McAfee Warning.JPG


                      Which takes me to: The 9one on top. Then, when I click the Firewall and Real Time scanning on, they almost immediately revert to OFF.

                      Now, I just had a popup telling me to re-install Site Advisor. The McAfee home page tells me its installed and turned on but it doesn't show when I run a search.



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                        Go to run tab ie start/run and type services.msc and post the state of the Base Filtering engine and windows firewall. they should be running and automatic. Are they there and if so are they as I said Srunning and automatic?.


                        Did you scan with some of the programs I pointed you to above?


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                          I did what you said and found all the security programs.

                          It says Site Advisor, Services, and Virus Scan are all "started"

                          But, when I tried to start Firewall Core Service, it gave me Error 1608 and said it couldn't start.


                          I'm about to give up so what's that telephone # again?

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