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    CD/DVD drive device control rule issues depending on burning software




      Just wondering if other have experienced this same issue and is it to be expected.


      I've configured a Removable storage device rule (not any of the protection rule types) to allow Read-Only access to the CD/DVD burner.  The experience blocking the writing of data to a blank disc seems to be hit or miss depending on the software used. If I use Nero or Imgburn the software complains about access and doesn't load up the dvd-drive to burn. However, cdburnerXP software does allow a blank disc to be written to even though the rule should be blocking it.


      I'm on the latest and greatest version of DLP but still encountering this issue. Searching the forum I've found posts about problems with using the protection rules but that isn't what I'm using. I'm using the device control rule which according to other posts should work without a hitch.


      As it stands I cannot rely on DLP to block writing out data to blank cd/dvd discs consistently.  Has anyone else noticed this problem?