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      Why can't McAfee clean the qvo6 virus.  All suggestions from internet I have tried so far, haven't helped.

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          No antivirus is guaranteed to catch everything, that's why I recommend other tools used as supplements.  See the last link in my signature below.

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            QVO6 is a browser hijacker. Relatively new; nothing on SiteAdvisor, 2 hostile reviews on WOT one of which recommends Malwarebytes (but see below).


            There are lots of sites claiming to know how to remove it but before you try any of them, just follow the instructions below and see if they're enough to clear it completely ...


            1 - Open IE Explore
            2 –Via “Tools->Internet Options”, Open “Internet Options” panel
            3 – Click “General” tab
            4 – Delete qvo6 homepage link and set a new homepage link
            5 – Click “Settings” button in the “Search” area, open “Manage Add-ons” panel
            6 – Remove qvo6, then close “Manage Add-ons” panel
            7 – Click “Apply” or “OK” on “Internet Opens” panel to save the changes


            1 – Open Firefox explore
            2 – Via “Firefox->Options->Options” open “Options” panel
            3 - Click “General” tab
            4 - Delete qvo6 homepage link and set a new homepage link
            5 - Via “Firefox->Add-ons” open “Add-ons Manager” panel
            6 – Click “Remove” button in the right of qvo6
            7 – Choose “Manage Search Engines” in the search list
            8 – Remove qvo6 , then click “OK”
            9 – Restart Firefox explore


            1 - Open Chrome explore
            2 – Click “Customize and control Google Chrome” in the right-top of the page
            3 – Choose Settings ->click “Set pages” link -> delete qvo6 homepage link -> click “OK”
            4 – Click “Manage search engines”->delete qvo6,then click “OK”
            5 – Via “Customize and control Google Chrome->Tools->Extensions” open “Extensions” panel
            6 – Remove “qvo6
            7 – Restart Chrome explore

            Uninstall Shortcut

            1 - Find the shortcut of the browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome) in all locations of the computer, including but not limited to the desktop;
            2 - Right click and find the "Option";
            3 - Delete qvo6 in "Target" of the tab "Shortcut".




            ... and then run Malwarebytes Free to clean up anything that's been left behind.

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              Follow the removal guide here: http://deletemalware.blogspot.com/2013/04/qvo6-removal-how-to-uninstall.html


              And don't forget to uninstall eSave Security Control, Qvo6 toolbar, New Tabs Uninstall, Desk 365, BrowserProtect. Any of these apps can easily set qvo6 as your default search engine, home page, etc., even if you reset your web browser.


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                McAfee is not in the position to remove those things that users installed themselves. Plus, qvo6 is not really a virus. This is a browser hijacker, which is installed by users during bundled software installations.

                I recommend you to follow this guide to delete qvo6 from your browser completely - http://www.system-tips.net/uninstall-qvo6-com-removal-instructions/