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    Next Hop Proxy & NTLM Authentication


      I initially posted under this thread https://community.mcafee.com/message/284194 but realise I should start my own so here we are...


      I want to direct users in my local site to go via the proxy in the far east site whenever they access a certain website so I have made a rule to utilise next hop proxy as follows.  The rule is found within the default "Global Whitelist" top level rule set abd after Direct Proxy Authentication rule set.

      Apply when following criteria is matched:


      URL.Host matches inlist [wildcardlist for *.cnipr.com]


      Action: continue


      Event: enable next hop proxy [new settings contain next hop proxy ip address & port only]


      tcpdump shows that tcp is being fwded to the next hop proxy but I'm getting a http 502 bad gateway error/ MWG bad response "the proxy did not receive a valid response in time" and it looks like it's an authentication issue.


      If I'm using ntlm authentication against AD, how does the authentication pass to the next hop proxy?



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          If both the first and second proxy are doing NTLM authentication, you will not have any success. 

          You cannot put two 407 authentications inline from the same client. it will reek havoc.


          You can, however, inject some headers from the first proxy to the second proxy to identify the authenticated user from the first proxy.

          On your rule above, you can add the events to your next hop proxy rule:

          Header.Add ("X-Authenticated-User", String.Base64Encode (Authentication.UserName))

          Header.Add ("X-Authenticated-Groups", String.Base64Encode (List.OfString.ToString (Authentication.UserGroups, ", ")))


          This will encode the users and groups into the http header for passing to the next-hop proxy.


          On the other proxy, you would extract those values and use them as the username and groups, and remove them fromt he headers so they don't get forwarded any further.

          Name: Extract X-Authenticated-User
          Rule Criteria: Header.Exists ("X-Authenticated-User") equals true
          Action: Continue
          Set Authentication.UserName = String.Base64Decode (Header.Get ("X-Authenticated-User"))
          Header.RemoveAll ("X-Authenticated-User")


          Name: Extract X-Authenticated-Groups
          Rule Criteria: Header.Exists ("X-Authenticated-Groups") equals true
          Action: Continue
          Set Authentication.UserGroups = String.ToStringList (String.Base64Decode ("X-Authenticated-Groups"), ",", " ")
          Header.RemoveAll ("X-Authenticated-Groups")





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            Thanks Erik,


            My proxies are all in a single network and runtime cluster.  How would I specify the header removal configuration on the 2nd proxy? 

            And where would those rules go?  I'm not clear at what point the cycle starts from when it's passed to the next hop?


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              I see. It's hard to say exactly where in your overall rule set they would be placed.


              I would check if X-Authenticated-User exists, and skip over the normal authentication rules entirely.

              If the rules are shared on all the proxies, it will use the X-Authenticated-user if it exists, and do the normal authentication if it does not exist.

              The Header.RemoveAll will remove the values from forwarding.


              You'll need to do some testing to get it right in your network. Spin up a couple fo VMs in a lab (which i'm sure you have already)


              Authentication and next-Hop proxy rules almost always go into the Request cycle.

              Next-Hop proxy is sort of confusing because it doesn't actually occur immediatly when the rule hits in the flow. It's more like the request gets tagged to next hop, and actually hops when the transaction (request/response/embedded) actually completes.

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                I wasn't having much luck with this as couldn't seem to get the authentication sorted out -  in packet captures I could see the first proxy using ntlm auth and then passing the get request onto the next-hop proxy which then tried ntlm.  The headers were in the request that was passed to the next-hop but would still request auth so not quite there..... but then I had a Eureka moment and realised I can achieve the desired result by adding an entry to our proxypac files that tells it to use the relevant proxy for that domain host 

                Tested and working in 5 mins  - much easier!


                happy days!


                for the assistance even if I couldn't get it working.

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                    Hi Eric, for your header injection method, what happens if the HTTP transaction is using the CONNECT method ? upstream needs to perform SSL break I assume ?

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                    Jon Scholten

                    Hi Antnee,


                    Nope, MWG will not need to perform SSL inspection for CONNECTs in order for the auth related items to persist for the transactions within the tunnel. One simply needs to have an event to say "Authentication.IsAuthenticated=true" and UserName,Groups,Realm, etc... will be persisted. (hope that makes sesnse)




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                      Thanks Jon, will give it a try in the lab.





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                        So far so good, there is a slight error in Eric's instructions, he missed the "Header.Get" in the user groups decoding part. Anyway, figured that out, and rule trace central shows me that the groups are being decoded, but for some reason It wont write these out to my block page, or allow me to use authentication.usergroups as a criteria - odd.

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                          Jon Scholten

                          Check out the ISA chaining ruleset in the library. It has all of this.

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