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    Silent install - HIPS and VSE



      I got to perform silent install of HIPS (patch + HF) and VSE (patch + HF).

      I figured out that we can use the /q option for VSE, but I didn't find what option I can use for HIPS...


      Thanks !

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            Kary Tankink

            HIPS is supported by running the McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe installer.  This installer .EXE file is hard-coded to run a silent install.

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              Yes, but at the end is the reboot... how can I suppress that? I want to reboot later, and dont bother the user immediatly after the install.

              On Version 7 you could use something like

              call "...\HIPS\McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe" /S /v/qn

              but thats a sure way to an error message. If you use thison Version 8.0,

              the msi-message screen pops up, that is responsible for informing the user about the msi-commands.

              If you use

              call "...\HIPS\McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe"

              there is an rebootmessage at the end, that I dont want the user to see.

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                Kary Tankink

                MSI switches do not work with the HIPS 8.0 installer (McAfeeHIP_ClientSetup.exe).  The HIPS 8 installer is hard-coded and cannot be modified, except for the use of the BYPASSREBOOT=1 switch that can be used in an ePO deployment task. 


                The BYPASSREBOOT=1 switch only works with the HIPS 8.0 Patch 2 full installer though.

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                  That's a nicetohave, but not what we need.

                  We are a great IT-Company with many different customers, many different domains and different administrators with different rights, a.s.o.

                  We cannot use the console of yours. We need to use the exe-installation through a softwaredeploymentsystem.

                  Please don't tell me, you forgot to build in an option to suppress the reboot.

                  There's a setup.ini, and in it, there's a line called "SuppressReboot=Y". But it does not work.

                  There is an option to install via the .exe-file, isn't it? Please don't tell me no...