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    Network Issue


      I faced with network issue after installed a McAfee Service Pack 5.

      OS has been up, but NETWORK is unable to use.


      Will McAfee Service Pack 5 affect a portion of network driver?

      How to resolve the issue?



      McAfee - Virus Scan Enterprise 8.7.0i

      OS - Windows 2003 x86 Single Server

      HW - DELL Power Edge 6850

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          This section is only for consumer products but you are using Virus Scan Enterprise so, I will move this to the correct section where you can get help for this issue.

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            Moved the thread to Virus Scan Enterprise for better response

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              This kind of thing doesn't usually happen with a service pack install. I've done them before on production servers with no issues.


              - What level of network connectivity do you have?

              - Do you have a blinking light on the network card?

              - Can you ping the server from an external source?

              - Do you have other McAfee software installed HIPS, Firewall?


              Have you tried disabling Access Protection and On-Access scanner via the console? Have you tried stopping the McAfee services?


              Try these options before you go uninstalling anything.

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                And have you tried to reboot the server?

                Mcafee does have a network filter driver, which normaly gets updated with a Patch (Service Pack). This driver normaly only gets activated after a reboot. If for some reason the old driver had now a problem, this outage could happen. It should be solved after a reboot though. Otherwise it's old/broken LAN drivers.