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    Problems with NNMi 9.10


      I have McAfee VirusScan Enterprise = AntiSpyware Enterprise 8.8. It is causing problems when is scans my NNMi server running version 9.10sp3. Everytime McAfee scans this server it stops all the services on the nnmi server and it stops running. We have found that excluding all sub-directories and files under /opt/OV/* and /var/opt/OV/* from the scanning processes allowed NNMi and McAfee to co-exist. I have heard that McAfee reccommend excluding all jar, war, rar and temp files from scanning as well. If not, NNMi will never start. As anybody else found this to be the answer?

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          Could you be a bit more specific for me on the following questions?


          You say "McAfee scans this server." Does that mean with the On Access Scanner or the On Demand Scanner?

          The exclusions you list seem to be Linux/Unix style directories? Yet VSE is a Windows product.

          Is there an actual detection? Do you get some actual file quarantined? (If so we can go down the path of getting it reviewed for possible false)

          Or is this just some type of "freeze"?


          Generally speaking I wouldn't exclude all those file types. Doing so globally would be suicidal. Doing some of those for one server might be okay. But there are probably better ways of doing this.